What you are missing if  you are not making money through H2i -Helping Hands International

The 3 simple Steps To Earn Money and Get Other Incentives and Rewards are:
Step 1. Join our H2i Progressive Team FREE ( Click here to register FREE )

Step 2. Complete your Registration with payment of a token registration donation of $40 (N6,600) only. Click Here to fill registration form if you have not done it yet.

Step 3. We register people under you and you earn money, Bonuses, incentives and rewards. Get interest FREE Loan, Get 70% housing funds and get Scholarships for 2 of your children.

The Power of h2i leading team

H2i ( HELPING HANDS INTERNATIONAL ) is a charity NGO ( Non Governmental

Organization) that is committed to put smiles onto the faces of the less privilege.

You are cordially invited to join a Global Empowerment Organization for Financial Empowerment PLUS Skills and Entrepreneurship acquisitions Trainings for interested members. You Earn Money in 3 Simple STEPS.

T he Three Core Projects of Helping Hands International are:

1. Humanitarian services (Help to the needy, widows, orphans and handicapped)

2. Human Capacity Development for sustainable wealth creation (Free skill acquisition services and entrepreneurship to members)

3. Passive and Residual income for proper financial empowerment of its members

FREE Skill Acquisition & Entrepreneurship Development-Training

Helping Hands Absolute Free Skill Acquisition/Entrepreneurship Development SchemeKicks Off in August in Nigeria:

In line with our vision to touch lives and empower people, we shall be running a full scale Trainings/Workshop on the following in Nigeria:

Computer Appreciation


Web design and development

Graphic Design

AutoCad design/Engineering

Soap making/Marketing

Hat Making

Information Marketing

Internet Marketing


Mobile Marketing

Book Publishing

Speech Writing

Public speaking

Car tracking Technology

Fish Farming

Poultry Farming

…and Much More!

This is Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Trained members of H2i ( Skills acquired by these people are for them for life. H2i is empowering Nigerians.)

Note : This is 100% FREE TRAINING: How to Apply: Click here to fill the form


FOR PROFESSIONALS : Are you skilled, trained and with practical experience in any of the above mentioned Fields or any relevant skill(s) that can empower people economically and would love to be one of our paid and committed instructors, then send Click Here to fill the form

WHY You Should JOIN H2i

1. Helping Hands International is an NGO that enables people to better their lives positively with evidence. Every religion supports charity & caring for the less privileged

2. In H2i, you don’t buy or sell any product unlike other networking stuff. We empower people with Skills acquisition and entrepreneurship Training ( To me developing countries need this to grow more than selling imported products )

3. Cheap entry amount. With just N6,600 donation you’re on board to earn tremendous incentives even as u touch lives.

4. You’re to introduce ONLY TWO persons who also brings their own 2 each . Some accounts have earned BIG without introducing anybody. In our team, even if your don’t bring anyone, our H2i Team Coop publicity will placed people under you automatically.

5. In H2i you earn cash daily, weekly, monthly depends on you and is very easy to cash your money.

6. TEAM WORK: Unlike other MLM where uplines use downlines to climb and then drop them. In H2i, you grow only when your team grows. That is why our H2i Team Coop work. All you need is just to register and make your one time donation payment.

7. Its online & can be done from anywhere there’s people & internet connection through your smartphone, tablet and laptop

8. There’s no monthly payment, No monthly purchase, qualifying order or whatever name they choose to it.

9. Other MLM’s place their juicy awards eg call car, holidays etc at their level stage 7 – 9 while H2i has ipad/laptop on Stage 2 plus $1,000, car at stage 3 plus $3,000.

10. The best part is that with H2i, you can open as many accounts as possible in your name and your can double, triple your earning and rewards.

Stage1 : You get $26 or $58

Stage 2: You will earn a minimum of $1000 (N165,000), & qualify for a brand new apple Ipad worth over N130,000 & will also be given a CUG line for limitless communication.

Interestingly, achieving all this in less than 2months of joining is very possible depending on your determination.

Level 1 Bonus– Nil

Level 2 Bonus – $100

Level 3 B0nus – $200

Level 4 Bonus – $300

Level 5 Bonus– $400

Total Money earned = $1,000

To join today, send me a whatsapp message/call 08063472785

ADDITIONAL BONUS: In adition once you have finished this stage (Masters Stage), you are given the following

HP branded laptop or Apple Ipad

A phone with a CUG line

In stage 3, You earn $3000 & a brand new HYUNDAI ELANTRA (the Latest Model) worth about N4.5m in the market now! 2017, this year, Nigerians will witness the 4th car award to Nigerians by H2i.

– Also, $1000 cheque each handed over to two (2) non-members of H2i , whom you personally recommended to H2i as less privileged. This is grant; Not a loan! And it is given non-members by H2i courtesy of u.

– You also have an opportunity for an all expense Int’l exotic holiday sponsored by H2i.

Level 1 Money earned – $200

Level 2 Money earned – $300

Level 3 Money earned – $500

Level 4 Money earned – $500

Level 5 Money earned – $1500

Total Money earned = $3,000

ADDITIONAL BONUS: In addition once you have finished this stage (Super Masters Stage), you are given the following:

Brand New Car (Hyundai) worth $15,000

To join today, send me a whatsapp message/callText  08063472785

Stage 4 offers opportunity to earn another cash of $6000 & a brand new jeep worth $27,000 – the HYUNDAI ix35!. u will also be privileged to empower a less privileged home. This is a grant in Millions.

Level 1 Money earned -$300

Level 2. Money earned – $300

Level 3 Money earned – $500

Level 4 Money earned – $900

Level 5 Money earned – $4000

Total Money earned = $6,000

ADDITIONAL BONUS: In addition once you have finished this stage (Minister Stage), you are given the following:

Executive Jeep (Hyundai Jeep) over $27,000

Empowerment of one motherless baby home

Interest free loan up to $12,000 on request

Stage 5 offers over $12,000 cash, $40,000 housing fund, an opportunity for an all expense international exotic holiday sponsored by H2i.

– The infinity bonus for life & much more.

Level 1 Money earned -$2,000

Level 2. Money earned – $10,000

BONUS: In addition once you have finished this stage (Minister Stage), you are given the following:

5% Matching Bonus to you as an upliner from your downlines $600

Housing Fund $ 40,000

All expense paid international trip

Education fund for 2 children ($2,000)

To join today, send me a whatsapp message/callText 2348063472785, 08063472785

Infact, the benefits u enjoy in H2i is enormous & can’t be exhausted.

I challenge you to explore this simple but powerful opportunity. I dare u to give it attention!

It is not just a Multi-Level Marketing agenda. It is a movement with a great motive to destroy scarcity, lack & want in people’s lives.


Level 1 -3 = $80,000

Infinity Bonus = $10,000

Residual Income = $10,000


  1. To join today, send me a whatsapp message/callText 2348063472785, 08063472785


STAGE 1 . Register with N6,600, you will earn N4,290 or N9,570

STAGE 2: You earn N165,000 plus a brand new Apple ipad or HP laptop and GLO CUG line, get landed property.

STAGE 3: You earn N495,000 plus brand new HYUNDAI ELANTRA , You will be given #330,000 to empower 2 needy in your area, An all expense paid international trip, Acquire any skill you want to acquire for free.

STAGE 4 : You earn N990,000, plus a BRAND NEW HYUNDAI IX35 JEEP, A motherless home will be empowered on your recommendation and on your behalf, Interest and collateral free loan of N1,980,000 on your request.

STAGE 5 : You earn N1,980,000, plus housing support fund of N6,600,000, then educational support of N330,000 for 2 of your kids, Then you keep earning 1.6MILLION yearly.

These are the benefits you will get from H2i with just your one time donation of $40 (N6,600), no monthly renewal, no buying and selling of product. Join this moving train now.

How We Build Your Downlines for You

Most people want to succeed but don’t know how!

1. We place real members as your h2i downlines

H2i Team Co-op will help you build your OWN H2i down-lines here

What H2i leading Team is simple – We help you build your H2i down-line quickly and easily.

Gain instant access to our co-op – Sponsor H2i help partners the fast way

We Build your H2i down-line using our proven marketing strategies, video tutorials, screenshots, and training guides

Responsive one-on-one live help available

We take you by the hand and step you through

Interactive Self-Help knowledge base

Let us do the work for you!

2. Spillover and 2 Our H2i Team Co-op publicity

What you need to do to earn money, get bonuses and receive other incentives and rewards is to join and register and make your registration donation payment of $40 (N6,600). In our H2i Co-op Team, even if you don’t sponsor or recruit, you will get downlines and earn bonuses through spillover and our powerful H2i Team Co-op Publicity.

What is the meaning of Spillover and it helps you to earn Bonuses

The word spillover means an act of overflowing or spilling over. H2i organization compensation plans is spillover.

The word spillover is an English term denoting an act of flowing over or spilling over. Picture a glass full of water. If you keep pouring more water into the glass, any excess water will flow, or spill over to the outside of the glass.

The term is used to describe a situation where, after we sign up the maximum 2 people as permitted on your first level, any person we sign after this maximum ‘spills over’ to the next level. And if the next level is also filled, to the one following it. Because of this potential for spillover after 2 direct downlines, it’s called binary plan with the forced matrix plan.

Perhaps the most talked-about benefit of spillover is that, once you sign up, you will benefit from the sponsoring activities we are doing even without you referring or recruiting anyone.

When you join our H2i Team, we have made earning simple. The H2i compensation plan is divided into two. There should be a left side and a right side as shown below

The fact is that a we add more people the binary matrix software decides to place the next person in the downline. Income grows as the down lines increase.

 Spillover means a person spills over to the person in the downline. When we choose to place a new downline under a person in our team it would be an effective downline retention move that we can use as shown below

As we Place more people the team grow and your bonuses increase

REGISTER NOW with N6,600 one time donation to H2i and empower yourself and empower others to acquire entrepreneurship skills. After payment for your registration, you get a website with a back office that you can login to with your password and see your income, your downlines and other important information.

Let us do the work for you! Join the H2i Team Co-op that will build your H2i downlines automatically on autopilot with the power of coop advertising and profits sharing. Take advantage of our H2i Team Coop which can help you grow your downlines automatically on autopilot

To start your registration,call/whatsapp me on 08063472785 for the payment

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