Muslim group slams Fayose over alleged attacks on filling stations

A​n Islamic body, Muslim Rights Congress (MURIC) has called on the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, to stop those it referred to as “Governor Fayose’s thugs” from carrying out further attacks on homes and business premises of Muslims and other law-abiding residents of Ekiti State.MURIC Director, Prof. Ishaq Akintola, in an online press statement made available to our reporter on Thursday described the attacks on filling stations of a prominent Muslim businessman, Alhaji Sulaiman Akinbami and other marketers as “flagrant abuse of power to threaten law-abiding and peaceful citizens.”

He contended that every Nigerian citizen has the right to domicile in any part of the country urging the IGP to “act immediately before an innocent man and most probably many others along with him are viciously crushed by a marauding and lawless governor.”

Akintola said: “MURIC stronlgy condemns this impunity; we call on the Inspector General of Police to quickly interven and restore law and order. We demand adequate protection for Alhaji Akinbami and his property in the state.

“Governor Fayose is victimizing Alhaji Akinbami for being a practising and committed Muslim. Akinbami is not really Fayose’s target, it is Islam. Fayose has demonstrated his hatred for Muslims in several ways before.

“He insisted that he would bulldoze the mosques inside the petrol stations if they were used for Jum’ah prayers. In obedience to the draconian order, the owner, Alhaji Akinbami stopped worshippers from coming for Jum’ah service.

“Yet Fayose was not satisfied; he gave orders that the evening Arabic classes attended by little children should stop and pronto, the owner complied. Again, he instructed them to stop the Sunday morning Asalatu activities. Akinbami has also obeyed but Fayose appears dissatisfied.

“The governor was alleged to have threatened to deal with Alhaji Akinbami during his media chat on Monday and complained that he could not tolerate Alhaji Akinbami’s business ventures because the latter is from Osun State.

“It will be recalled that the governor had threatened to bulldoze the businessman’s petrol stations few weekes ago because there are mosques inside the complex.”

Meanwhile, former Speaker of Ekiti State House of Assembly, Femi Bamisile, has condemned the Tuesday’s attacks on some petrol stations in Ado-Ekiti by suspected hoodlums accusing Governor Fayose of inciting the attacks.

Bamisile who spoke on he development on Thursday said Fayose’s alleged incitement during his monthly media chat, “Meet Your Governor”, on Monday laid the foundation for the mayhem unleashed by suspected thugs.

The former Speaker who is a governorship aspirant of the All Progressives Congress (APC) said the destruction of property worth millions of Naira who were allegedly supervised by security agents mobilized from the Government House has sent a bad signal to potential investors who may want to do business in Ekiti.

“Bamisile said: “Fayose should be blamed for the mayhem unleashed on petrol stations in broad daylight by youths whom he had failed to provide gainful employment for. It was a sad for Ekiti which is yearning for investment from within and outside the state.

“If you disagree with the owners of petrol stations, is the destruction of their property and business centres the solution? The foundation of the attack was laid by Fayose’s combustible statements on the radio during his media chat.

“This is a bad signal to potential investors within and outside Ekiti State that is yearning for investment. Fayose must be held responsible for any anarchy or breakdown of law and order that happens in Ekiti.”

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