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Make money online

Many people have been hearing this opportunity but they always say it can’t work but they haven’t try a chinese proverb says “none of the secret of success will work unless you do it” .And also many people don’t understand that it is very easy to get people involve in something now than before.

What i am saying is that internet connects the world together,so you can get more than thousand of people to here you out so you don’t need to go and meet people on the road again.

Now let’s go to the business, first i need your mindset to be i can do it mind and don’t be like others that won’t test something and will tell you it won’t work (kolework type) those are turkey that will tell your eagle that you can’t fly.


  • Your social media accounts are shops for you to advertise what you are doing
  • You can’t get rich overnight because success is journey not destination
  • Your mindset determine who you are(thinking faculty/we discuss about that later)
  • Your network determine your networth
  • Have the right bussiness working system
  • Have the right team around your bussiness to grow it
  • Do the right bussiness


According to prof Olamide (baddo) he says “there is no show for a bussiness if you are not making the profit(money)” ,so the bussiness am introducing to you must bring profit and it is called helping hands. I know someone will say I cant do that bussiness, I can’t look around for people,I cant waste my time and money but you have wasted both your time and money on ponzi and some non profitable business which dosent give you anything.Now is your turn to make this money without going around to look for people and with no risk of loosing your money because our team is ready to help you through untill you make your profit(money)

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