Great  Nation like Nigeria that is Comprises of many great youths but we don’t know our value due  to the wrong mindset that has been giving to us and some law forced on us, now am writing this article to tell us our value and if the procedures there is duly followed we can transform Nigeria to a great Country.

We keep complaining that our government   is treating (Youths) badly, they provide no job, no security, no  chance for youth to survive in the nation But we don’t try to provide solution except following tem when it   is election time because of small change they will give us. We even go to the extent of killing ourselves because of these heartless leaders that we have.

Firstly we decided to vote for another party in 2015 called (APC) but we foolishly followed new (PDP) without thinking   about who we are voting for General Buhari left PDP for CPC in 2007 and he remain their till 2014 when there is all lies between  CPC and ACN but only the parties cannot do it  alone now here is the main issue all the people voted for in APC  currently decamped form PDP to APC except few from ACN which  is worst. Here I don’t need to mention name check your constituency  and see if I am lieing. The law and people making it doesn’t change only party name change the fact that no youth can contest for president or senate or house of rep.  still remains their which means we will always be followers but not leader whereas we are the one suffering most in the nation and we also have higher number in the nation.

What if we decide to produce a youth for this posts that is not form our rulers hand.

What I am saying is every party have youth can’t we select youth form all the parties and make them a leader or have some key posts that must be for youth all around the nation. I am more concerned about  our future than this present situation because we would have been outdated when we will be given chance like our current leader using old technique to solve latest problem.  Here let me shed more light Facebook, Whatsapp, keep having new updates every two-three month with new feature but can we except 2012 whatsapp to have the same feature with 2016 that’s exactly what our leader are doing expecting different results whereas we that know the current solution are being put in a poor thinking cell but now I think we should have a new rethink as the time of giving us normal stuff is coming. As a youth look at your environment and see if that old man can solve the current problem in that environment like the way you youth will do.

My conclusion is that every party should please produce candidate for the forth coming election that must be youth (18-40 yrs).

Let us change the way our situation is because Qur’an 13:11 “”Allah never changes the condition of a people unless they strive to change themselves””

What we need is to change our mindset   and everything will be changed. We have POWER that we don’t know the value now that we know the value let us youth  wake up thanks from the admin of .


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