Be conditioned for success 


Hello! sitting on my desk and writing this I just couldn’t help but think of how people often get confused about their life and future and wonder what their life purpose should be.

You see, there is little we could do when it comes to knowing what we were never conditioned to know. There is an unequaled importance in being conditioned for success and being conditioned for what you want. So many people want success but they are not conditioned for success yet, they are more conditioned for failure than they are for success. They have filled their minds with the thoughts of impossibility and dozens of reasons why the thing they have always wanted can’t come and why it would go wrong without any reason on why and how it should work at all not even the slightest thought on success.

You must always see to it that your consciousness is filled with thoughts of your dream coming to pass and not a thought of why it wouldn’t work! This is how to condition yourself for success and when you do this you begin to attract to your self those things requisite to the fulfillment of that picture by the harmonious vibrations of the law of attraction.

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